WHO are you? What makes you "Legit?"
Luxury-department-store-dropout-turned-boutique-owner and Bostonian by way of New York and Miami. Mom, wife, and business owner. Realist, straight-shooter and closet curator. 

The modern woman wears many hats because we have to, but it doesn't mean we can't do it in a way that reflects ourselves, our lives, and our style. That's so me and that's also "Legit."

WHAT is your hustle like?
A blur. From drop-offs to pick-ups, life has been very much rinse and repeat. And, I don't miss it. But the hustle is still real and I never stop thinking of ways to work on my brand and adapt to the needs of my clients. Private appointments, curbside pick-up, and local deliveries enable me to continue to share my brand and the legit lifestyle with the modern, strong, busy woman wherever she is at.

WHERE is the modern woman wearing activewear? 
Where is she not wearing activewear might be a shorter list. These days, women are wives, moms, business owners, employees, homeschool teachers, etcetera. And, we do all this still caring about what we look like. Even if we're not squeezing in a workout, we don't always have the time for outfit changes to suit the activity we're doing for a life on-the-go...which is why we choose activewear. And, why I carefully select the brands and pieces that are featured at Legit. 

WHEN do you feel most "legit?"
When a customer tells me how much they love something they bought and that they never take it off. I only sell the best in the business. Other stores go after as many brands as possible (and there is a lot of crap out there), but Legit is edited. I want people to ask you, "where did you get that," whether you're taking a walk around the block, on the beach, or at barre.

WHY is activewear such a game changer?
It's everywhere and for good reason. "Casual" has become so accepted that it's chic. And now, more than ever, comfort and versatility are priorities. We are home, we are laying low, and we need to feel safe and focus on our health and families. There is no need to get so dressed up all the time and stress out about your wardrobe. What you wear should make you feel good and there is nothing like your basic white tees, favorite leggings, or joggers to take the legwork (or arm work) out of putting together an outfit. Like so many other women trying to balance it all, personal style is a reflection of our lives; the real, no bullsh*t, authentic, and styled. I want to feel good about what you wear out into the world, not just when you're in my fitting room. 

Caution: Wearing Legit Activewear may cause compliments. (P.S. Molly Sims, call me.)